Add a Skylight: Save money, improve your home, increase value!

Adding a skylight can improve your home and add to its value, as well as saving you money on lighting and ventilation.

Skylights create a fresh and contemporary look in your home, adding to the open light and airy atmosphere in the key rooms.

Aside from amazing aesthetics, a skylight also provides ventilation and can improve the airflow in rooms where this can sometimes be difficult.

Additionally, skylights will save you money as they provide energy-efficient solutions for lighting, heating and cooling.

Here are 5 places you can install a skylight to improve your home:

  1. Family Room: A skylight in the family room allows you to control the light, so you can avoid glare when watching the television, or flood the room with daylight for a family meal.  Skylights are an impressive feature that can bring the outside in.
  2. Kitchen: Often the heart of the home, a kitchen is a fantastic place to install a skylight to create an impressive feature in this key room.  From a more practical perspective, a skylight will provide more light and fresh air in your kitchen.
  3. Bathroom: A skylight can provide natural light and ventilation in the bathroom, whilst retaining privacy.  Skylights are often a better solution than bathroom fans as they do not need electricity to operate.
  4. Master Bedroom:  The master bedroom needs to have the ‘wow’ factor, and a skylight can provide just that. A skylight in the master bedroom will add oodles of light during the day and a view of the starry sky at night – all this without sacrificing privacy.
  5. Loft Conversions: Loft conversions are often used for the master bedroom. A skylight provides a practical solution to the low ceilings and walls, and helps maximise the space by freeing up wall space and flooding the room with light creating a light airy space.

Consider some of these options and transform your home!  You will be surprised by the amount of money you can save after installing a skylight, and the subsequent value it can add to your home.