Skylights over the past few years have increased in popularity within the building and renovation community. They are a proven way to efficiently brighten up even the darkest of rooms and also provide excellent energy efficiency too.

A little while ago, i came across an interesting read on the ‘Your Home’ section of the Australian Government’s website. This is a section where they upload various articles on energy efficient ideas for people’s homes. In their article, they focused on skylights, the various different types of skylights and how they are providing homes with excellent energy efficient ratings, while looking amazing!


Fully Installed 1000x2000 and 600x600 Skylights

Fully Installed 1000×2000 and 600×600 Skylights


They state, “Skylights can make a major contribution to energy efficiency and comfort, and can be installed in both existing and new homes.”
As previously mentioned, skylights are becoming more and more popular and not just with large construction companies and architects but with your everyday home-owner that is making a renovation. For example, our skylights come with an easy fit timber kerb and full installation instructions.


A 1000x2000 Skylight being installed

A 1000×2000 Skylight being installed


Also mentioned is that, “They are an excellent source of natural light: they can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, distributing it evenly, saving energy and improving your visual comfort levels.

Skylights can also increase the amenity of internal spaces that might otherwise require supplementary artificial lighting or ventilation, such as windowless rooms. They allow additional flexibility in architectural design. Even under overcast conditions the use of skylights can ensure spaces are predominantly lit by natural light, with little or no supplementary artificial lighting required.

A skylight can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size.”


An internal view of an installed skylight of ours

An internal view of an installed skylight of ours


The article goes on to explain the different aspects of skylights and how they can be used. We offer most of the designs that are featured on the article so if you have any questions about anything or you are looking for a quote, then please feel free to get in touch with me today.

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