How Skylights Are Adding Value To Your Home

House prices are up and people are looking to add value to their houses in any way possible. It is becoming more difficult for people to upsize on their houses because no longer is the cost of an extra bedroom and a larger drive in a new house in the tens of thousands, but in some areas, the hundreds of thousands.

This is causing a lot of house buyers to stay put and search for new ways to add value to their existing home, in order to be able to sell for a higher price or simply to avoid a move at all if it isn’t needed.

This is where skylights come in. Skylights are a way that a home owner can breathe natural light into even the darkest of rooms.

Internal View of a Skylight

Internal View of a Skylight

With the modern technology that skylights are now made with, they can offer a wide range of features. Our skylights, as standard, offer argon gas filled, self cleaning glass. What this means is that each pane of glass (whether double or triple glazed) is filled with argon gas, giving the skylight fantastic sound and insulation properties. The self cleaning glass uses the rainwater, that would typically leave streaks and marks on the glass, to actually clean it, meaning that you do not have to get up on your roof to clean your glass every time that it rains (in the UK, that is a lot!).

Shown is a 1000x2000 Triple Glazed Skylight

Shown is a 1000×2000 Triple Glazed Skylight

Installing a skylight doesn’t have to be a big job. With every skylight we supply a timber kerb as standard. We have created this timber kerb to allow your everyday buyer to install one of our skylights. We provide a step by step guide on how to install your skylight and it couldn’t be easier!

Deciding to install a skylight into any room of your home, will fill it with natural light and could add thousands on to the value of your home!

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Jack Mayhew

Owner – Easier Online