Flat Roof Skylights: The ‘all you need to know’ guide

What is a flat roof skylight?

It may seem self-explanatory, but there are so many options out there nowadays when it comes to skylights, that having a firm definition can be helpful.  So, first things first, a flat roof skylight then is a window installed on a flat roof – any style window, on any flat roof.

Often when people consider skylights, they think of the pitched roof skylights often installed in loft conversions.  Flat roof skylights can offer more options than the pitched hung skylights, as they are suitable for a greater range of locations in your property and are available in lots of styles.

This guide aims to narrow it down a little more for you if you’re considering the best option for your own property.

Shapes and Styles

There are wide range of varieties available, all coming in different sizes and finishes to suit your property.  The most popular flat roof skylight is double glazed, but they can also be offered in triple glazed for added warmth, security, and noise protection.  Flat roof skylights can also be opening to offer an access point or simply for ventilation. Maybe the best function that a flat roof skylight can offer is the option of being a walk-on skylight. These are made of special toughened glass and can be fitted both externally and internally.  You can also select glass that controls the level of sunlight coming through.

Obviously, the size of your flat roof skylight will depend on the space you’re installing it in, but again there are lots of options available.  You can also have a slightly tilted rooflight to allow rainwater and debris to run off. Almost all skylights are self-cleaning also, so there’s no need to worry about access for cleaning purposes.

Benefits of installing a flat roof skylight

A flat roof skylight will flood your home with natural sunlight.  This has both cost and health benefits.  Cost-wise you will find that you save money on your energy bills for lighting the room with the skylight installed, as well as heating as the natural sunlight heats up the room naturally.  Natural light is also better for your health, providing you with Vitamin D which helps maintain healthy teeth and bones, as well as having preventative properties against several diseases.  Natural sunlight can dramatically improve your mood and concentration, which is particularly beneficial for a place of work.

If you install a flat roof skylight that opens, then you can improve ventilation in a room also.  This is great for your health, but also the building’s “health” as it prevents the build-up of moisture and therefore prevents mould growth.  It also allows your home to have fresh air which comes with its own benefits.

One of benefits of a flat roof skylight is the range of options it offers.  A skylight is a versatile instalment that can dramatically improve your home and property, whether it be by providing privacy or saving you money through natural lighting and heating.