We appreciate interesting architectural and design ideas here at Easier Online, and we particularly love to see homes transformed by our rooflights.  But when people get creative with their rooflight installation, that’s something we can really get excited about!

Here are five of the more unusual places for a rooflight that really inspire us:

  1. Over the bath tub: We often instal rooflights in bathrooms as they can offer a practical solution to ventilation issues, as well as bringing natural light to the room.  But for a show-stopping rooflight, installing one directly over the bath tub can add a certain level of luxury to the bathroom suite.  Imagine soaking in a hot tub whilst gazing up at the stars – that’s how to wash away any stress!


  1. From floor to ceiling: One of the most striking installations of rooflights we have seen allows the light to travel from top to bottom through a property.  This works particularly well in hallways, which can often be incredibly dark only making them seem even more narrow.   Installing rooflights in the ceiling, and then going that one step further and installing walk on rooflights in the floor completely transforms the space.  Light, airy, indulgent – everything you thought your hallway could never be.


  1. Outdoors in: Gone are the days of the dark and dingy basement, where who knows what was lurking.  Basements are prime property nowadays, offering another room where there was once storage and utilities.  And what a space they can be when a rooflight is installed along with a floor to ceiling patio door.  This is great for bringing the outdoors in – in fact it is hard to see where the outside starts and the inside stops.



  1. Rooftop garden: If space is tight, a rooftop garden can be a brilliant solution. Rooflights can act as access points to these hidden gems, whilst still looking sleek.  There’s also the option of walk on rooflights to give you the added bonus of adding natural light to the property whilst providing an eyecatching rooftop terrace.



  1. Private Pool: If you haven’t been dazzled by the luxurious potential already, a rooflight over a private pool is a real winner. The sky reflected in the pool below creates a spa-like atmosphere.  It doesn’t have to stop there either.  Rooflights can be added to many outhouse buildings, so that sauna and hot tub can have a view of the stars too.  Heaven!



So, are there any that take your fancy?  Check out the range of rooflights we offer, and get those creative juices flowing.  Remember, we can also offer expert advice to aid you in the design process.  If you’ve already got a more conventional rooflight installation in mind, of course we can install the classics too!